Time for a checkup…

Go to the doctor for a checkup and you’re going to get poked and prodded as he or she tries to determine your overall health!

The same is true for us as a church in our attempt to get an idea of our spiritual health as a church.  Poking and prodding for us happens in the form of:

…asking God to give us wisdom, guidance, and direction through prayer

…leaders and deacons discussing the needs of our people and our community

…attending and/or interviewing small group leaders and/or members

…getting feedback from the church via polls and surveys

Currently, there are three ways that we need for you to provide some feedback so that we can check our “spiritual pulse”:

  • Color Your World Survey (Trinitarian Compass Color Profile)—about 25 more surveys required
  • NCD Surveys (pick up survey @ church)—29 more to be handed in
  • Discipleship Instruction Survey (click here)—as many of you as are willing, “log in” to the website and complete the survey

[For more information about these surveys, read the description in the eNotes–see below–or log on to the NCD website by clicking here.]

Why are we doing all of this “survey stuff”?

As leaders we want to be faithful to God’s call on our lives to provide leadership to God’s people in our church.  And that is what we will do.  I will take the initiative to lead according to God’s call and gifting on my life…according to my experience and training…according to what we are able to hear God saying through our church and circumstances.  I have been given the task of leading this church…and these surveys help us lead well.

At the same time, you have been given the responsibility of following the leaders…not blindly, not out of duty-bound obedience…but out of a commitment to our common life together as a church where I’ve been issued a call from this church to lead.  Hold me accountable!  Test every initiative with prayer, questions, and dialogue.  However, do not prevent our church—leaders and people together—from moving toward what we believe to be God’s purpose, mission, and future for us as a body.

Join me, the leaders, deacons, officers, and others as we seek to be faithful in God’s call on our life together as a church.  Be a part of what God is doing by participating in these surveys, by volunteering to support the work that God has called us all to, and by praying that God will continue to accomplish his purpose in and through us together as a church.

Following him…leading you,

Scott Corwin, Pastor

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