Advent—The Season of Waiting

Are you good at waiting?

What’s going on inside your heart and mind when you are in the queue at the Post Office…you know…the line that extends all the way across the room and almost out the door?  How do you feel and what are you thinking about when you are standing behind the basketful of groceries at the local Lidl when all you’ve got is bread and milk?  When was the last time you just missed your late night train, had to wait another 10 minutes, and then said:  “Finally, a few minutes just to sit and wait!”?

If you are like me, then being good at waiting doesn’t come naturally to you.  In our “microwave world” of instant gratification, we don’t like to wait.  We tend to be more like the guy singing that 80’s rock song—“I want it all…and I want it NOW!”

But, you can’t always get what you want!  (Thank God…since what you want may not be good for you!)  And, to get what you need takes time, patience, and preparation.  That’s what Advent is all about:  waiting, anticipating, and preparing.  We’re getting ready to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, but that requires preparation, anticipation, and waiting.

So, how can you get ready for Christmas this Advent season?

Take some time to wait!  Be still and quiet.  Rest in the truth of Jesus’ presence remembering what God has done for us through the incarnation.  “God-With-Us” was born…and is still with us.  Relax in his nearness.

Take some time to anticipate!  Be active and involved.  Enjoy all that the season has to offer in expectation of celebrating Christmas.  Get together with friends, go to some concerts, and make sure to visit the markets.  Don’t forget to come to our “Carols by Candlelight” Coffee House on Sunday evening!

Take some time to prepare!  Be proactive and prioritize.  Start with faith—a choice to commit yourself, your heart, and your time to God and his purpose in your life.  Mix in a few of the “practices”…those “holy habits” that make you available to God’s gracious activity.  Finish with thanksgiving and praise for all that God is doing to build the character of Christ in you and to use you to build his kingdom.

By the way, one good way to review some of the basic “practices” is through the “holy habit” of the “daily office.”  You’ll find here a guide that will lead you to meditate on and pray through the practices summarized by SERVICE.  Use this to deepen your journey of following Jesus this Advent season.


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