Free Bible Commentary

It doesn’t get any better than this — historical, grammatical, lexical, exegetical, and FREE!

Dr. Bob Utley, long-time university professor of hermeneutics at East Texas Baptist University, recently completed detailed exegetical commentaries on all of the major prophets and has posted them online in the form of pdf files.  These recent releases supplement his already completed verse-by-verse New Testament commentaries that have been available since 2003.   Did I mention that they are FREE?

In addition to these commentaries, Dr. Utley has an excellent online video seminar  “Biblical Interpretation” available in the 14.5 hour full-seminar format or the 4.5 hour summary seminar.  The solid interpretive principles presented will equip you to study the Bible for yourself and empower you to understand and apply its truths.  By the way, the 240 p. syllabus for the seminar is also available for FREE!

Wait…it does get better!  Portions of the commentaries are available in 49 different languages.  Check out his website — (also linked on this blog’s sidebar)–to see if your native language is included.  Shona?  Turkish?  Afrikaans?  Bahasa?  Tagalog?  Yes, it’s there!

If you really like what you see, download his “Computer Bible Study Software” — FOR FREE — to have easy access to all his files for your personal study of scripture.  Dr. Utley’s commentary is one of the sources I consult regularly when doing my personal and pastoral studies.  They are scholarly but accessible to everyone.

I highly recommend this resource to you as a follower of Jesus Christ, a student of the Bible, a small group leader, a Bible study teacher, or a lay preacher…and it’s FREE!

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