Core Values — A “5 Minute” ReFresh Survey

What makes IBCB unique as a church?

There are a lot of churches in Berlin, but there is only one of us!  God has brought us together as the IBCB family, putting every different part in this body of Christ exactly where he wants it to be.  God has in mind a specific vision for us as a church in keeping with who he has made us to be.

What is God’s vision for us?  The answer to that begins by answering the first question — Who are we as a church?  What makes us unique?

All Bible-believing, Christ-following churches will include all “5 components” of the Jerusalem church (Acts 2:42-47) because they give full expression to the “Great Statements” of Jesus — “The Great Commandment” (Mt. 22:37-39) and “The Great Commission” (Mt. 28:19-20).  So, every church will worship, fellowship, disciple, minister, and evangelize.  But every church has to express those “5 components” according to God’s design (identity) and call (vision) for that particular church.

You can help our ReFresh Team determine God’s vision for us by helping us define our core values.  Our core values are what make us unique.  They are an expression of God’s design.  Here’s what you can do within “5 minutes” that can make an eternal difference:

1.  Download this “IBCB Core Values

2.  Quickly read through the list of 24 values

3.  Go through the list again and circle those you believe are in actuality/reality important for our church…not the ones you think should be important

4.  Out of the ones you’ve circled select the top three MOST important

5.  Send me an email/inbox message with your top three

That’s it!  I’ll collect your responses and on Friday and Saturday the ReFresh Team will work through the list to develop a statement of our core values.  Join us if you’d like!  (See details on the “Events” tab.)  When we get a sense of who God has made us to be (values), we will be able to do what God has called us to do (mission) in a way that helps us achieve the goals that God has given us to accomplish (vision).

May God guide us each and every step of the journey of following Jesus!

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