Men and Christlikeness: The Importance of Accountability

“The highest proof of true friendship is the intimacy that holds nothing back and admits the friend to share our inmost secrets.” — Andrew Murray

At Monday night’s men’s group we focused again on our theme “accountability” and focused on accountability questions (see the questions by clicking here).  I encouraged the group to leverage our relationships with one another as men to encourage and challenge each other to progress toward Christlikeness, that is, thinking like Jesus (truths), acting like Jesus (habits), and being like Jesus (character qualities).  [Check out our “Core Commitments” [see Pantego Bible Church] to see a list of essential beliefs, practices, and virtues that define “Christlikeness.” Our Core Commitments]

Moving towards Christlikeness through our relationships with one another as men involves at least four stages (source:  Promise Keepers) and can be viewed as the bases on a baseball diamond*:

  • 1st Base:  Acquaintainces—authentic, transparent, and open
  • 2nd Base:  Friends—accountable, encouraging, supportive
  • 3rd Base:  Brothers—accountable, challenging, corrective, confessional
  • Home Plate:  Christlikeness—beliefs, practices, virtues

*For those unfamiliar with American baseball, the analogy intends to communicate two truths about growing toward Christlikeness through relationships among men.  First, there is a specific goal, that is, Christlikeness.  Second, there is sequential progression, that is 1st to 2nd then to 3rd and home plate.  None of the “bases” can be skipped.

We’re discovering the strength of deepening relationships with one another by moving through these stages sharing, praying, encouraging, and challenging one another.

Are you…as a man…or as a woman…meaningfully connected to others in authentic fellowship that presses toward authentic and transparent relationships, supportive and confessional, purposefully moving toward Christlikeness?  If not, find someone in your group, take the sample questions, and set up a time to meet regularly.  Not a part of a group?  Start your own…all it takes is two other people!

Any group of men out there want some help getting started?  If so, let me know.  I’d love to help you get going “around the bases” toward Christlikeness through your relationships as men.

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