A Primer on Postmodernism: A Review

A Primer on PostmodernismA Primer on Postmodernism by Stanley J. Grenz
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Very readable introduction to postmodernism by one of my favorite theologians. I appreciate his simple introductory overview, the sweep of his historical section, the scope of his philosophical summary, and the symmetry of his Christian response.

Though some have questioned the depth of his treatment — it’s a “primer”! — and his interpretation of postmodern philosophers — it’s his “reader response”! — I like Grenz’ analytical lens — a commitment to biblical faith experienced in community and dedicated to missional engagement — that provides a balanced framework for further research into the nature of postmodernism and its implications for Christian faith.

Read it to learn the basics of postmodernism, to get an accessible introduction to the complex concepts of postmodern philosophers, and to begin contextualizing your faith/church to today’s culture.

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