Encouraging Word: “…to live is Christ…”

One recent Discipleship Explored study focused on Paul’s statement of faith centered in Jesus Christ.  Participants in the study memorized (How to Memorize a Verse) and meditated ( How to Meditate on a Verse) on Phil. 1:21 and discovered some wonderful truths and personal applications.  Over the next few days I want to share with you some of the results of my study, scripture memory, and meditation on this verse.

“…to live is Christ…”  The motivation of my life is Jesus Christ.  His indwelling Spirit gives energy, direction, and purpose to my living — every day and in every way.   Nothing in my life, internal or external, falls outside his purpose.  My whole being spirit, mind, emotions, will, and body are to be surrendered to his purpose.  All of my relationships at home, church, and work are opportunities to live the Christ life.  What I do at home, church, and at work or in my hobbies, neighborhood, and city are to be expressions of Jesus’ purpose.  Jesus Christ is my reason for living!  He is the driving force of life…my motivation.

What about you?

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