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At my home, when we get together as family and good friends everybody gets into the action!  Someone sets the table, another person serves drinks, others help in the kitchen, most everyone clears the table, and some clean up — no one is left out when we have the opportunity of sharing a meal together.

Each Sunday the IBCB family gathers for a weekly meal — if you will.  If you belong to our “crowd”…that is…if IBCB is where you regularly come for the spiritual nourishment of worship then you have a responsibility to help out around our house.  Where are you making a contribution of your time and talents to our Sunday service of worship?  Here are some ideas:

Now if you’re a guest or if you’re going through a tough time and need some special care, then you should take some time to recover and regroup.  But as soon as you get through this short spell then you should get back into the habit of making a contribution to our life together when we come together for worship on Sundays.

Now if you’re not a guest and you’ve not yet selected a place to serve others on Sundays then it’s time for you to get into the business of being family.  Are you more technically or task oriented?  If so, then consider — fellowship, counting, beamer, sound, or set up team.  Are you more people oriented?  If so, then consider — usher, teacher (kids), creche (nursery), prayer, or praise team.

There is a place of service for everyone!  Not even Jesus came to be served…but to serve!  Grow to be more like Jesus by finding your place and serve in ministry.

  • Identify a place of service that fits your giftedness and personality.  (Need help?  Attend the next “Serve in Ministry” class or contact the pastor)
  • Notify the church office of your desire to serve by emailing admin(at)  We’ll put you in touch with a ministry team that will be happy to welcome you, train you, and put you into service.

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