“Stress Less” by Don Colbert — My Review

Stress Less: Do you want a stress-free life?Stress Less: Do you want a stress-free life? by Don Colbert
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I appreciate this medical doctor’s holistic approach to “stressing less” — body, soul,and spirit — most particularly his attention to preventative nutritional remedies. Most people I know — including me — would benefit from putting into place Colbert’s tremendously helpful and practical tips for de-stressing our lives. Just one example from each of the major areas of our being shows how comprehensive and practical this book is: learning forgiveness, building margin into our lives, addressing distortional thought patterns, and prioritizing sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

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2 thoughts on ““Stress Less” by Don Colbert — My Review

  1. karen

    If perchance the author is related to Stephen Colbert, it ought to be quite a hilarious read … 🙂

    1. Scott Post author

      That would be funny — over the top sarcasm poking fun at the extremes! He would certainly have enough fodder for fun given the general lack of attention to the physical body within “The Body.”


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