A Note from the Pastor: Budget 2013

Dear IBCB Family:

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without a vision the people perish, but the one who keeps the law is blessed.”  Mission determines ministry…ministry is expressed in money.  Our budget being submitted for your review has been prayerfully prepared to reflect something of what we believe is God’s vision for IBCB during 2013. (Click here t0 download our  2013 IBCB Budget (proposed).)

In the budget you will see numbers, but those numbers represent much more than just money.  They stand for an investment in God’s Kingdom by God’s people for God’s glory!  If we choose to invest our time, talents, and treasurers in the purpose and plan represented in this document, we will be blessed!

The most significant changes in the budget for 2013 are:

  • Music Ministry Special Capital Expense – Equipment for Music Ministry subject to prior FiCo approval.
  • Children Ministry – Plans for an older children retreat and a Summer Vacation Bible school are included.
  • Youth Ministry – Youth Mission Project Berlin to encourage and plan for young teenager ministry and do outreach to teenagers in Berlin.
  • Indigenous Missionary Partnership – An additional church planter working with the Mongol people in Budapest.
  • Building Contribution – A 200€ per month increase in our building contribution to our host church.
  • Publicity – A new web design, church logo, and camcorder for promoting our vision and mission.
  • Pastor Salary – An almost 7% raise in the pastor’s base salary.
  • Church Administrator Salary – We are asking Ruth to serve full-time in a new position with greater responsibility.

This budget is a 12% increase over last year’s budget and will require not only commitment but also faith.  Last year, our tithes and offerings were 7% below last year’s budget.  So, the near 20% increase in giving we’re asking will require a deeper commitment to giving and an increased commitment to reaching new people by reproducing.  Though it will stretch our faith, I’m confident that with God’s help and our dedication we can accomplish this God-sized plan as we put into place two strategic initiatives:

1.  Stewardship – I’m teaching tithing in the “Grow in Maturity” workshop and cooperating with the FiCo and with Frank Nikel to put together a preaching and teaching plan that will focus on “Honoring God w/ My Finances.” (sermon series, small group curriculum, workshop, etc.)

2.  Second Worship Service – I believe it’s time for us to do whatever it takes to start a second worship service in our current location.  We’ve prayed about it, discussed it, and considered it, but we haven’t made a commitment to it.  I’m convinced that now is the time; so, I will be working with the leaders and deacons to move forward as soon as possible on this new initiative.

Only God-sized faith can lead to God-sized accomplishments.  May God strengthen our faith and establish his Kingdom.

To God be the glory,

Scott Corwin, Pastor

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