IBCB Missions Trip Jelka, Slovakia


Football Tournament and Family Fun Day

Thursday 16. May – Monday 20. May

Jelka, Slovakia

Love, Grow, Serve, and “Go on Missions!”  This is part of our mission–mobilizing disciple-making followers of Jesus Christ.  Now you have an opportunity to get in on a wonderful opportunity to go on missions with your IBCB family…maybe even with YOUR family!

Oto Sipos — our Indigenous Missionary Partner who is planting a church among the Roma people in Jelka — along with Samo Lacho — missions team leader for Faith Baptist Church (the “mother church” sponsoring the church plant) — have invited us to bring a team of approximately 10 people to help with their annual outreach football tournament and family fun day on Saturday 18. May.  Here is what Samo has written:

As for your involvement in the project, you can help us prepare some stations for the kids that they could visit during the course of the tournament. We will also have several attractions (sliding castle and so on), that would need to be set up, attended during the whole course of the event and folded back at the end. Also, you can form your own soccer team that could compete in the tournament. On Sunday you will have an opportunity to share during the worship service – gypsies are quite simple people but they seem to know and understand the power of a real, authentic story.

As you can see, we would have a full schedule of activities that would not only provide support for Oto and their church outreach and but also opportunity for us to share our faith with nonbelievers and to encourage the church that we are helping to start.  Here’s what would be expected of you:

  • Travel from Thursday 16 through Monday 20
  • Provide cost of your own transportation to Jelka–we will coordinate our travel together (bus return fare is 91.00 Euros)
  • Attend training, prayer, and preparation sessions (2 sessions w/ homework — written testimony, missions Bible studies, memorize the Bridge Illustration, etc.)
  • Willingness to stay in simple accommodations with simple meals (provided by our hosts and our partnership contribution to the IMP)

Since this event will include ministry to families, you might consider bringing your family along on this missions trip.  Of course, special considerations will be made to accommodate your children.

For more information or to express your interest in participating, please, contact Scott Corwin — scott(at)ibcberlin(dot)org.


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