IBC Berlin Jelka Missions Project


We have a great team of people assembled to go to Jelka, Slovakia in support of Oto Sipos–Indigenous Missionary Partner–and the Romany/Gypsy church plant just east of Bratislava during their “football tournament and family fun day” outreach event.

Here’s our missions team:  Calvin Tan, Chong Hiu Pun, Craig Huggins, Ben Huggins, Ulrike Stednitz, Katie Corwin, Ruth Beltran, Laurie Corwin, Scott Corwin, and IBC Berlin.

Yes, you as IBCB Church Family are also an important part of the team through prayer and partner support!

Here is how you can pray:

➡        Give the team spiritual, emotional, and physical strength.

➡        Grant the team courage to share the gospel and humility to serve the people.

➡        Provide opportunities to connect with non-believers while distributing invitations, supporting the football tournament, and sponsoring activities for the families.

➡        Encourage Oto Sipos – church planter – and the Romany Church Jelka through our testimonies and sermon during Sunday worship.

➡       Safety while traveling and deepening fellowship while together

Here’s how you can partner:  Make your donation and designate it “Jelka Missions” by electronic transfer (see details here) or by cash in an envelope (available from the ushers).


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