Called to Be Loved: Forgiveness vs. Guilt

images“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)

We know it in our heads, but do we experience it in our hearts?  We say it, but do we mean it?

  • God is love!
  • God loves me unconditionally!
  • God loves me so much that he has forgiven my sin!

But how do we get these phrases — these statements of truth — into our everyday experience?  How can we experience the forgiveness of God’s love instead of carrying around guilt?

Guilt — true guilt — is the result of our sin.  And when we sin, the Holy Spirit starts his work in our lives to convict us of sin.  When the Spirit convicts us, it is God’s loving invitation for us to turn to him in confession and repentance so that we can experience the forgiveness that God offers in love.

Too often, because we don’t understand  the height of God’s love — a love high enough to overlook our sin — we hide from him because of our guilt.  Instead of running to God to receive his forgiveness, we run away from God and drag along our guilt.

In order to experience the height of God’s forgiving love…

1. Realize that God convicts us of sin to draw us toward him in love.

2. Turn from your sin toward God surrendering yourself to him in faith and love.

3. Admit your sin acknowledging it to God recognizing that you have broken the heart of your Loving Father.

4. Receive the forgiveness of God’s love and recognize that he cleanses you of your sin.

4. Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit and depend on God for strength to live in his love.

What is the Spirit convicting you of today?  Ask him…and he will do it!  What guilt are you carrying around, dragging with you through life?

Run to God in faith.  In love, he will forgive you!


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