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God wants us to experience the abundant life he’s promised to those who will follow him as disciple-makers.  Two specific pressures keep us from the reward of that kind of life:  time and money.

Our agendas are too full of fluff and our bank accounts are stretched too thin.  The result is anxiety, stress, worry, and busy-ness.  We have no room … no margin … in our agendas or accounts to experience the fullness God intends.  What’s worse, we get preoccupied with ourselves and can’t live God’s purpose in the world!

What are we to do?  God want’s us to “THRIVE” by living with margin … room in our agendas and accounts … to be free from worry so that we can live for him in our families, church, work, and world.  Our current sermon series is presenting some practical ways that you can begin to live with margin so that you can live on mission.

Live With Margin:  Goals

  • Simplify your spending through practical budgeting
  • Give first and save second and live off the rest
  • Automate the important:  giving and saving

Live With Margin:  Steps

  • Pray and Fast on Mondays
  • Pick up a simple “budget worksheet”
  • Commit to a “tithe” in Nov
  • Attend the 2 hour finance workshop 23. Nov
  • Ask for one-on-one financial counseling

Live On Mission:  Goals

  • Every family and small group go mission
  • Practice generosity as individuals/families and a church
  • Make 2014 a  Year of “2nds”—Service, Pastor, Church

Live On Mission:  Steps

  • Organize local and global “on mission” projects
  • Establish Thrive Project 2014 for generous giving
  • Introduce “Go On Mission” Class Fall 2014


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