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Truth Religious Stock ImageAs you´ve already heard IBC-Berlin is adding a second worship service. That brings up a lot of questions, like why, when, how? This brochure will help make things clearer and will challenge you to join our second service team for a period of at least six months!

What is our mission, vision, and strategy?

IBC Berlin’s mission is to multiply and mobilize disciple-making followers of Jesus Christ (Mt 22 & 28).

Our vision is to establish a core congregation of around 300 regular participants so that we can begin new churches (i.e. home groups, house churches, and church plants) in every Bezirk of Berlin to do our part in reaching 10,000 new believers by 2025.

In order to accomplish our mission and vision we commit ourselves to:

  • Bringing the lost through the love of Christ.
  • Changing believers through the power of Christ.
  • Training disciples in the service of Christ.
  • Sending disciple-makers on the mission of Christ.

 Why do we need a second service?

A second service helps us accomplish our God-given mission, vision, and strategy.  As Christians we want and ought to be disciple-making disciples. It should be not only that Jesus commanded us to tell the Good News to all people and all nations and to help people to grow in their faith (Mt 22 & 28) – but also our hearts’ desires for us to reach our friends, families and neighbors with the Gospel. For that reason our church has to be a growing church.

For the last five years IBC Berlin has grown so that now we have the situation that the sanctuary is “uncomfortably full”. Studies show that churches stagnate and don’t grow when more than 85% of the seats are occupied. This is the situation we have at most of our Sunday services.Worship in Prayer Religious Stock Photo

So we need to do something if we want to continue the growth of our church. A second service is the best alternative; it offers the greatest opportunity with the least risk.

 At which time will the second service be?

At a time that will best help us reach our target group – young, multi-cultural, English-speaking families.  This is a good question. There are a lot of things to think about: Who do we want to reach and when are they most likely to come?  Should it be close to the first service or do we need a break in between? What time is good for families with (small) children? What is the best time for us to invite friends and family? What works best for providing children’s ministry?

So this is one point, where we need to find answers together. We´re going to take a survey to find out what you think is best. And of course besides that we´re praying about and asking the Lord! This is something where you can support, too!

When do we start with the second service?

As soon as we have a small core group that can help us prepare for the “launch.”  One idea is that we start the second service as soon as possible with a group of interested people, no matter how many will show up. Then later, when we´re at least 50 people (on the core team) we would “launch” the second service officially and advertise it to the community.

Why is that? To start “small” means it would be easier for people to find out their gifts and try out new ministries. One example:  If I want to find if I could be a good leader / moderator for the worship service, then It would be easier for me to try in front of a church community of 20 or 30 people than of 150. If it works out, great! If it is not my gift it is probably less awkward for me.

So starting small means that people can find out how they could serve the Lord best with the gifts God gave them. Later, when people feel comfortable in different ministries and when the second service runs “fluently”, it is easier to invite people, because we know what to expect when they come.

A second service also provides the opportunity to try new elements during the service, like drama, multimedia, and different ways for personal prayer. We can try to be more culturally relevant and to “speak” better the language of unchurched people, those who until now are not believing in Christ.

That can (and I am sure it will) make our services more colorful and so more “seeker sensitive”. That means that our unchurched family and friends will feel more comfortable when we invite them to our service.

 How can you get involved with the second service?

Identify one way you can contribute to the team and contact Jürgen.  The second service needs at least as much involvement for the different ministries as does the first service. We need people that are willing to serve as ushers, tech-team, beamer-team, praise-team, etc. Perhaps God is calling you to join one of these teams.

Besides that we can try new things. Why not start a drama-ministry? We´d need actors and leaders (and creative people for finding dramas and decoration). Why not having a film-team? Multimedia in a worship service helps a lot of people open their hearts to the message.

The Bible says that every Christian is gifted. And for what reason? To build up the Body and to expand the kingdom of God! You are gifted – and God asks you to use the gifts He´s given you. The second service is a good chance to do so.

Here’s what we are asking:

  • Pray for God to guide us as we plan and prepare for our second service.  Everyone can do this!
  • Ask God to show you how he wants you to get involved in the second service.  We’re asking God to provide a core group of 50 who will commit themselves to attending and supporting the second service for a period of six months.
  • Commit to serving on one of the second service teams for at least six months.  Find a place to serve in a way that fits your gifts and abilities.  If you have an interest let us know.  We’ll help you find a place of service.

Watch out!  Using your gifts will change you and grow God’s kingdom. The risk for you would be small, but the blessing can be amazing!

The next steps

If you have questions, please, ask them!  If you are willing to serve (no matter if it´s in a special ministry or if you have no idea yet how), please let us know!  Please contact Jürgen and tell him (  or  030.7940.4531).  He’ll be glad to help you!

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