Grow in Maturity: Digging Deep Into God’s Word

You can’t be a disciple of Jesus Christ unless you are a student of his Word!

This week I want you to share with you some excellent online resources that will help you in your own study of the Bible.  Over the next four weeks, I will use the online video instruction on the Saddleback website as the background of what I’ll share:

Basic Bible Interpretation:  Good Bible study has three key components…

  1. Observation—What does it say?
  2. Interpretation—What does it mean?
  3. Application—How do I apply it to my life?

Basic observation begins with basic questions about the passage:

  1. Who Wrote It
  2. To Whom Was It Written
  3. Purpose of the Book
  4. What Type of Literature

Answers to these basic questions can be found in the following resources:

  • Reading the Text—Read your text in a variety of Bible translations … English AND other languages
  • Study Bibles—If you have a study Bible answers to these questions are provided in an introduction
  • Bible Commentary—The internet has available MANY Bible study resources.  However, there’s a LOT of junk out there.  I recommend the following:

The Free Bible Commentary – I can’t over emphasize how GOOD this resource is!  It’s available online ( and is designed to focus on the text.  There are THOUSANDS of pages devoted to explaining words, phrases, and contexts that give you an opportunity to OBSERVE and INTERPRET the Bible for yourself. Please, USE THIS RESOURCE and encourage your groups to do the same.

YouVersion Bible – This free online and APP version of the Bible ( is a great way to read the Bible.  Download the APP to your smart phone and you can highlight/make notes to share insights with your “friends.” (Follow me at ibcbscott.)  You will also be able to follow upcoming “LIVE” events during worship.

Blue Letter Bible (See the video) and Bible Gateway are other trusted online resources.

Developing the “holy habit” of personal Bible study is indispensible for your spiritual growth.  Take the time and trouble to keep yourself spiritually fit by “digging deep into God’s Word.”  Better yet, share that experience in a small group committed to studying the Bible!

What are your favorite online Bible study resources?

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