Missions Report: Günter in Congo

I received this missions report from Günter Springer who is serving a short-term missions project in Congo.  Read this and continue to pray for him during his time away from our IBCB family.

141103 041 Bunia

Dear Scott,

Just a brief message to IBC from myself and from my English phonetics class – all of them want to become English teachers and are doing their final year (of three) at the Institute Supérieure Pédagogique here in Bunia. This school is attached to the Communauté Evangélique au Centre de l’Afrique (CECA) – so it’s a facility of the church. And everybody here is really thankful for our (me and two girls from Scotland) willingness to teach them.

The people here are very friendly to us and so we have already been invited to two wedding ceremonies in less than a month! We usually attend a French speaking service on Sunday mornings, however, the church, which is a part of the CECA convention, also offers an English speaking service in the afternoon, which the locals consider “soir” since it gets dark shorty after 6pm.

I’m feeling much better again – I caught a terrible diarrhea at the beginning of the week – and lovely enough the students also prayed for my recovery. But this also shows the need for prayer in order to be under the Lord’s shield.

All in all, we have had a blessed time in Bunia so far and I’m really thankful for having been given the opportunity of being here. And my second newsletter is about to be released.

Thanks for all your prayer support, have a wonderful international day and may God bless you richly,


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