IBCB Budget 2015 — Proposal and Procedures

Each year IBCB’s Leaders Council along with our Ministry Council reviews our MISSION as the basis for proposing how we will invest our MONEY (budget) in the lovegrowservegocoming year.  Our MONEY serves our MISSION!  So, when we look at our budget it should reflect the priorities of our mission.  Here’s our mission:

Mobilize and Multiply Disciple-Making Followers of Jesus Christ

This year, in response to our survey/study, the Leaders Council has identified four priorities to take us to the next level as a church during 2015:

  • Improving our worship experience
  • Increasing the number of bridging/connecting events
  • Integrating participants into a disciple-making process
  • Invigorating our small groups ministry

You’ll see that our proposed Budget 2015 attempts to do this by devoting our monies to events and assigning the responsibilities of “events” and “connecting” to staff.

Based on our God-given MISSION, the Leaders Council, the Ministry Council, and the Finance Committee (FiCo) present the following proposed preliminary budget for your prayerful consideration.  Below you will see a brief explanation of this budget that calls attention to the major features of this proposal.

Proposed Preliminary Budget 2015 (Download your copy by clicking here:  2015 IBCB Budget Preliminary Budget 16 Nov)

Fact-Based Budget — This year’s budget is based on the facts of our giving over the past few years.  The FiCo set a finanical limit of 190K€ a number that corresponds to our giving history.  This means that this year’s budget is approximately 40K€ less than last year’s “faith-based” budget.  This caps our spending, stops the downward trend in our reserve fund, and makes our budget a giving goal.

Staff Salaries Frozen — Staff salaries have been frozen at 2014 levels.  Though on the high-side of percent budget (65%) we are close to the recommendations for a church our size.  The Staff Relations Committee is reviewing the staff task and time allocation and working alongside the pastor to reallocate staff assignments to fit our current priorities and needs.

Missions Partnerships — One of the biggest changes to our budget is in the area of missions partnerships.  Our INSTITUTIONAL partners are included in our budget as IBCB’s “tithe” to God’s Kingdom work through our partners.  Our INDIVIDUAL partners have been removed from our budget.  The FiCo has approved the collection of a MISSIONS OFFERING with an initial goal of 9800€ for the purpose of continuing our support of our Europeans Baptist Federation Missions Partners in Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, and Iraq.


Prayerfully, review the budget and be prepared to ask your questions — see the schedule below. The FiCo and Leaders will answer your questions and hear any recommendations that you have regarding the proposed budget.  Your recommendations — if any — will be incorporated into the budget and you will receive a Proposed (Final) Budget 2015.  The church will meet officially as a body to vote on that budget on 7 December or 14 December depending upon the recommendations of the church.

  • 23 November — Q & A After Worship
  • 7 or 14 December — Church Family Meeting (Members Vote)

If you have any questions about the budget or the procedure, please, feel free to contact the FiCo or the Leaders Council (leadership(at)ibcberlin(dot)org).  The more open we are and the more you participate, the more ownership and responsibility we share in supporting our MISSION with our MONEY.

May God use us to accomplish his mission for the sake of his Kingdom beginning right here in Berlin.



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