Serve in Ministry: Personal Style

“O Lord, you have searched me and you know me…you are familiar with all my ways.” Psalm 139:1-3

The “P” in SHAPE stands for your PERSONAL STYLE.


God has given each of us a unique personal style.  Each of us engage one another in a way influenced by our view the world around us, how we process what we take in, and our preferred style for interacting with the world.  Psychologists call this our personality or temperament.

Personal style assessments are common and used for a variety of purposes.  At IBCB we use a modified Myers-Brigs to help us better understand ourselves, our relationships with others, and our preferred ministry.  Like all assessments, this one helps you understand where you fall on two scales:

1. Degree of people orientation

2. Degree of structure orientation

Some of us are “people persons” — energized by people — while others are “task persons”  — energized by tasks.  Knowing your “people orientation” helps you find a place that fits your personality.  If you’re a “people person” we would rather you serve as a “host” than on the “counting team.”  If you’re a “task person” we would rather you serve on the “counting team.”  Both contribute to the life of the church in a way fitting their personal style.

Want to find out your personal style?  Check out and complete your free online inventory.  You’ll receive an explanation of your four-letter “personal style.”  Use it to help you find a place of service in the church that fits your SHAPE.

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