Radical Experiment: Make Your Family a Small Group

One of the ways we experience God’s work in our lives is through small groups.  In the interaction between individuals studying and applying the Bible in a shared life together, God shapes us and changes us to be more like Jesus Christ.  That’s why small groups are an integral part of our disciple-making strategy.

But let’s face the fact:  participating in and getting involved in a weekly small group requires a significant commitment especially if you are a parent.  The time and energy required can sometimes prevent families from getting connected with a small group.  Here’s a “novel” idea — turn your family into a small group!

Remember the “family devotional time”?  Why not set aside one evening a week where you invest one hour in your own “Family Small Group”?  There are endless resources available for you to use to take some time to catch up with each other in conversation, look into a Bible passage with a view to discussing how you can begin to live it in your family, make a plan for living “love/grow/serve/go”, and then spend some time praying together.  Every couple and every family could benefit from this simple commitment!

Getting connected with one another on a spiritual/relational level will do you good!  You will grow together as a couple/family while at the same time grow to become more like Jesus Christ.

If you are a parent and want one resource let me suggest the following:  FaithWeaver Now Family Connect.  This weekly resource comes free with our Sunday Bible study literature that we use each Sunday in our Kids Ministry.  You could easily use this simple resource to reinforce what your children are learning on Sundays and enjoy all of the benefits of investing in “making disciples” of your children.  Here are links to this week’s and the next four weeks of resources:






If you find this helpful and want access to these digital documents, please, let me know and I’ll be happy to make them available to you.

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