ReFresh: Higher ‘n Higher — Strategic Actions 2015

IBCB’s leaders are proposing that we change Jürgen’s job description* and hire him as “Connections Pastor.”  Why are we making this recommendation?  How did we get to this point?refresh

*Currently Jürgen is hired (450€ job) as pastoral support for our 15:00 h service)

a)  Last year’s strategic analysis – conducted by the Leaders Council and aided by a congregational survey – yielded four strategic areas of priority and four key-areas of need.

  1. Improve Worship Services
  2. Events Planning (Connecting with the Community and Congregation to One Another)
  3. Assimilation (Connecting Newcomers and Congregation to Our Church)
  4. Improve Small Group Ministry

b)  Assigning the task of “Connections” to Jürgen addresses two of these strategic areas:

  1. Reaching new members – connecting with community and bringing into our “crowd” (i.e. marketing, evangelism, events, etc.)
  2. Onboarding new members – assimilating “crowd” into “congregation” (i.e. welcome process, commitment to Christ, membership in church, belonging to small group, etc.)

c) A second staff pastor is necessary to take us to the next level as a church:

  1. Church health experts (Charles Arn) suggests that a “Growing Church” will have at least 1 full-time pastor and 2 part-time support staff for every 150 church participants.
  2. We have reached the thresh-hold of “150” and need to re-tool our support staff* by expanding and restructuring Jürgen’s job description to meet our needs.

*The Staff Relations Committee has taken up the recommendation from the floor in our last business meeting to consider the issue of hiring a “worship leader.”





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