Our Team

Leaders Council: leadership@ibcberlin.org

“Spiritual Oversight & Strategic Initiative”

  • Scott Corwin, Lead Pastor:  scott(at)ibcberlin.org  0176 4923 8658
  • Jürgen Ferrary, Pastor Outreach & Evangelismjuergen(at)ibcberlin.org  0160 9490 6405
  • Jeff Magiera, Gemeindeleiter: leadership@ibcberlin.org
  • Klaus Ziegler, Emeritus

Deacons Council: deacons@ibcberlin.org

“Pastoral Care & Practical Ministry”

  • Lucas Ebert, Praise Team
  • Faith Mwalubunju, Prayer Team
  • Kasub Wibawa, Ordinance Team

Ministry Council

“Coordinate & Calendar  Ministry”

  • Ayanna Edwards, Kids Team
  • Charity Ekenobaye, Hosts Team

Staff Relations Committee

  • Kim Bleck
  • Rejane Conradie
  • Thorsten John

Finance Committee

  • Piet Conradie
  • Heide John, Treasurer

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