A Note from Scott Corwin

On Sunday 1. November, IBCB met in a church family meeting to discuss and vote on a recommendation to increase the 26082009309responsibilities, hours, and pay for Jürgen Ferrary, our Pastor/Outreach and Evangelism.  After an extended discussion the church voted 64% (yes) to 36% (no) in favor of the recommendation.

In response to a question from the floor, I mistakenly applied a 75% requirement for passing a recommendation of this type and announced to the church that the recommendation DID NOT PASS.  In reality, our constitution requires only a simple majority though in ALL matters we seek to arrive at God-inspired consensus.

I approached the Ministry Council with the problem and we discussed the issue, asked questions of procedure and law, talked about our opinions, and shared our concerns.  After a two and a half hour meeting on Sunday 8. November, the Ministry Council arrived at an agreed upon unanimous consensus on the following:

  • The simple majority requirement applies in this case and the church vote achieved consensus
  • The recommendation to increase Jürgen’s responsibilities, hours, and pay passes.
  • Jürgen will start with his new responsibilities in Jan 2016
  • For the sake of unity in our church we agreed to
  • Wholeheartedly support Jürgen as our Associate Pastor
  • Address concerns of communication and accountability
  • Work together in love for the good of God’s Kingdom

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the following Ministry Council members who participated in this past week’s discussion:  Scott Corwin, Jeff Magiera, Klaus Ziegler, Faith Mwalubunju, Kasub Wibawa, Heide John, Piet Conradie, Thorsten John, Rejane Conradie, Kim Bleck, Ayanna Edwards, Charity Ekenobaye, Mathias Lehmann, and Laurie Corwin.

For the sake of our church and for the sake of God’s Kingdom, I ask that now we submit to one another in love and move forward hand-in-hand toward God’s purpose for our church.


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