Berlin Worshipnight, 9 April @ IBCB

Berlin Worship Night











What is the Berlin Worshipnight?

Since November 2000, the Berlin Worshipnight has been a worship gathering of Christians from different churches and denominations from all over Berlin. Because we know that God loves unity in his body we want to come together as one to worship the Lord and pray for our city.

Why does it take place at IBCB?
As a “multi-kulti” church we are a very good role-model for what it means to live “diversity in unity.”

(Special Note: Our Praise Team is going to play, too).

Why should you join us?

A lot of reasons! First of all: If you live in Berlin, you should have a heart for our city.  So come and join us together at the throne of God in music and prayer. Secondly: It’s fun. We have invited 4 different worship teams, so we will hear different styles of music and see different generations on stage. We can learn from each other, get to know new songs or styles and still be one body.

The Berlin Worshipnight is an awesome event with a big charisma. Also non Christians love good music and a good atmosphere. So you can invite your friends that are non-believers. We’ve seen quite a number of people that have become Christians after joining a Berlin Worshipnight!

What can I do?

  • Come and join us! We only can be one body if the body of Christ gathers together as one.
  • Bring a friend — believer or non-believer — and pray for that person.
  • Support Berlin Worshipnight financially.  There’s no entrance fee, but we will collect an offering to help cover the expenses.


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