“New Hope” Arriving in Berlin This Week!

boeckelBruce & Mary Boeckel are on their way to Berlin!  What began five years ago with „2nd Service, 2nd Pastor, 2nd Church“ dream is now becoming a reality.new-hope-international

On 10th November, this new missionary couple will be joining IBCB as part our vision to birth a new congregation/church in the Prenzlauer Berg area of Berlin.  Many IBCBers will become a part of a „launch team“ to assist Bruce & Mary as they prepare to plant a new English-speaking international church — New Hope International Church — among the 40K English-speakers on the other side of Berlin.

Pray for Bruce & Mary as they arrive and get settled in Berlin.  Ask God to provide permanent housing and a smooth transition to life in Berlin.

And praise the Lord that he is using us!


IBCB Mobilizing and Multiplying Disciple-Making Disciples!


EQUIP: Sundays @ IBCB

After much prayer and discussion, we will discontinue our 15:00 h 2nd Service in favor of focusing on a ministry of equipping, training, and teaching.

In 2011, I led our church to consider prayerfully a vision of 2nd Service, 2nd Pastor, and 2nd Church.  At the time, we had lots of momentum as a church in attendance and activity.  People were uncomfortably crowded in worship and guests had a hard time finding a place to sit.  All signs pointed to these important next steps for us as a church.

After much discussion and after hiring Jürgen to help — 2nd Pastor — we launched the 2nd Service in the Spring of 2014.  Immediately, we saw new people coming to IBCB who had never come to our church before people; however, the service did not have what we knew we would need in order for it to suceed.

Momentum:  Over the period of time from 2011 to 2014 we lost lots of energy and lost our focus.  I did not do an efficient job of casting the vision nor facilitating the decision of starting the 2nd Service at the appropriate time.  In my opinion, we delayed the decision for way too long and our window of maximum opportunity passed us by.

Participants:  According to Win Arn’s “How to Start a Second Service” the success of a 2nd Service is directly affected by a critical mass of at least 50 participants committed to attending the service.  While we had a few faithful families dedicated to the 2nd service, I did not do an effective job of recruiting and convincing IBCBers to make this a part of our mission together.

So, in light of our current needs and in consultation with the leaders and pastor colleagues, I’ve recommended and we’ve decided to re-purpose the 15:00 h on Sunday to strengthening the EQUIPPING and TEACHING ministry of our church.  I’m looking forward to seeing how we can use this time to TRAIN and INSTRUCT people in the disciple-life and SUPPORT those who are in ministry through COACHING and COUNSELING.

Soon, you’ll see opportunities for you to attend ONE-SESSION lessons on subjects such as “How We Got Our Bible,”  “Managing My Finances in a Godly Manner,” and more … SHORT-TERM studies on subjects such as “Peacemaking,” “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality,” “Christianity Explored/Alpha”, and more.

If you have questions about our decision or if you want to suggest a topic of study, please, let me know.

I’m excited to see how God is going to use this to help us “multiply and mobilize disciple-making followers of Jesus Christ.”

Scott Corwin, Pastor

Scott Corwin, Lead Pastor




IBCB Fahrradtour 10. Sep. @ 10:30 h

What:                    IBCB Fahrradtour – 22 km, easy pace

When:                  Saturday 10. September, 10:30 h

Where:                 Meet at S-Bahnhof Osdorferstr. [PLATFORM]

Sign up here for updates and/or weather cancellation.

Everyone is welcome to join the fun on this easy-paced, flat bicycle tour that visits some of the historical sites to the south of Berlin.  We’ll start at 10:30 h and end approximately 3 hours later … depending upon how long we take to talk, eat, and drink.  For more info, contact Paul Williams or Scott Corwin.









IBCB Fahrradtour

Treffpunkt, S-Bahnhof Osdorferstr (1)
Kanonenkugel von der Schlacht (2)
Lilienthal Denkmal (3)
Turm: 100 jahriges Jubiläum der Schlacht (4)
Pyramide: Blücher Denkmal (5)
durch den Park und Teltow zurück