Supporting IBCB Financially

You can support IBCB financially by bringing your tithes and giving your offerings in the following ways:

  1. During Worship: Present your tithes and offerings during worship. [To receive a German tax statement, place your money in an envelope – available from our ushers – with your name and address written clearly on the outside and put it in the plate.]

  2. Direct Deposit: Make a direct deposit to the church account using SEPA – information below. [You will receive a German tax statement if you also indicate your complete name and address.]
    Account holder:  International Baptist Church Berlin 
    Account number (IBAN): DE85500921000000744301
    Bank number (BIC): GENODE51BH2 
    The bank's name is "Spar und Kreditbank EFGeG".

  3. US Dollar Contributions: Write your US dollar check using the information below and present it during worship, or mail it directly to International Baptist Church Ministries – see [You will receive a US tax statement directly from IBCM.]
  4. To:  International Baptist Church Ministries, Inc. 
    For: IBC Berlin (important!) 
For more information, contact Mathias Lehmann, Finance Committee Leader.