Scott Corwin is a husband, father, friend, and pastor.  He and his wife of 41 years, Laurie, have a married, adult daughter, as well as a new grandbaby.  They enjoy cooking, sharing meals with friends, wine-tasting, traveling, and watching movies together.  Scott is a “mountain bike” fanatic who reads philosophy, brews beer, and loves the night sky.  He studied theology at the International Baptist Theological Seminary (Rüschlikon, Switzerland) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he completed his M.Div. in Pastoral Studies and Ph.D. in Christian Ethics.  He has served churches in Indonesia, USA, and Switzerland, and has been at IBC Berlin since July 2008.

Scott’s vision of a shared life together in the International Baptist Church Berlin is built on a foundation of making disciple-makers by “connecting people to Jesus, one another, and God’s world.”  He’s working to make it a reality @ IBCB by focusing on the following aspirational values:

Inspirational worship–we celebrate what God is doing in our life together through joyous worship and praise

Relevant preaching–we take seriously the truth of God’s Word as revealed in the Bible and seek to live its Spirit-inspired truth in our everyday living

Authentic relationships–we intend to live genuine and transparent lives in relationship with one another in the biblical community of small groups committed to growth

Christ-like virtues–we commit to growing in Christlikeness through the power of God’s Spirit

Common practices–we strive to develop the classic “holy habits” of the Christian faith individually and in our life together

Diversity in unity–we long to reflect all the principal spheres of diversity in our divinely given unity in Jesus Christ

Life-centered service–we live our life together to support God’s work in and through our personal lives, our families, our church, and our work in the world

Influence in the world–our church exists for God’s purpose of missions, evangelism, and social justice in the world

Reproducing churches–we long to start and support healthy, reproducing churches

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