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Church Family Meeting, Sunday 16. October

In keeping with our constitution and by-laws, the Leaders Council in consultation with the Deacon Council is calling a church family meeting for business on Sunday 16. October at the end of worship for the purpose of appointing a Pastor Search Committee.

According to our By-Laws, Article I, Section A.1.c the selection of a Pastor Search Committee is as follows:

Pastor Search Committee Selection

i. A Pastor Search Committee shall be selected consisting of five active church members, men and women, representative of the total church membership and ministries (one member of the Leadership Council, two members from the Deacon Council, and two other members at large).   The election shall be by ballot at a business meeting called for that purpose with those receiving the highest number of votes in each category making up the committee. 

ii. The Committee shall select its leader by ballot without nomination.  The Committee shall be aware of the information given in the current International Baptist Convention’s “Guide for Pastor Search Committees.”


  1. The Pastor Search Committee shall consider and bring only one name to the church at a time.
  2. Members of the church may submit candidates to this committee in sufficient time to allow review, however, no nominations may be brought forward from the floor.
  3. The Pastor Search Committee shall make their recommendation to the church at a special business meeting scheduled during a regular Sunday service for which two weeks’ notice has been given.
  4. The chairman of the Staff Relations Committee shall moderate this meeting and shall appoint three persons to tally the votes.
  5. The tally of votes shall be taken immediately and reported to the church.
  6. The selection of the Pastor shall be by ballot with a vote of at least 75% of members present voting in the affirmative.
  7. If the 75% vote is not obtained, there shall be no discussion, and the Pastor Search Committee shall then repeat the selection process.
  8. The recommendation of the Committee shall include a covenant agreement mutually agreed upon by the Pastor and the church.   It shall include the term of service, salary, and benefits package prepared jointly by the Staff Relations Committee, Finance Committee, and the Pastor Search Committee and offered to the candidate.
  9. The Pastor shall be called by the church to serve until the relationship is dissolved at the request of either the pastor or the church.  In either case, at least a 90 days’ notice shall be given to terminate the relationship unless otherwise mutually agreed.
  10. When employing a Pastor the church shall assist and support him in securing the proper work permit in accordance with German Labor Laws.  It is also to assist in checking the German law to determine the use of titles they earned abroad. 
  11. Upon acceptance of the call and arrival in the church, the Pastor is automatically an official member of the church.

My “Kingdom Frontline”

Your “Kingdom Frontline” is an everyday place where you live, work, study, and play and where God intends for you to serve his Kingdom purpose in the world.

Your frontline is where you intentionally live as God’s ambassador of love, light, and salt. It’s where you connect with people – family, colleagues, friends, and neighbors. It’s where you share Christ with the lost and support Christians in their walk. It’s where the presence and power of the Christlike is lived in the rhythms and routines of the everyday.

Where is your frontline? Take a moment to identify – in writing – the places and the people in your Kingdom Frontline. Be as specific as you can be to make your frontline clear and concrete. Then begin “BLESSing”* your frontline trusting that God will direct you to evangelize the lost, edify the disciples, and extend his Kingdom in the everyday rhythms and routines of your everyday life.

My Family
Katie, Paul, & Lily
Mom & Sisters
My Work/School
Leaders, Deacons, Ministry Council
LIFE Group Leaders
My Play
Cycling group
Vagabund guys
Basketball court
My Neighborhood/Network
Robert’s Cafe
Students downstairs
Sample Kingdom Frontline

*BLESS stands for …

  • Begin with prayer
  • Listen with care
  • Eat together
  • Serve a need
  • Share your story