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Leisure Bike Tour – Saturday 15. May

Are you looking to get out of the house, get some exercise, and enjoy some company? If so, then join Paul Williams along with friends from Christ Church Anglican and IBCB (weather permitting) for a church-sponsored bicycle tour this Saturday, May 15.

Feel free to join the tour at Stage 1 (Innsbrucker Platz at 9:30) or at Stage 2 (Griebnitzsee-S-Bahnhof at 11:00), and, of course, you may leave the tour at any time.

Here are some details, a link to a map, and some helpful information:

First Stage (9:30 ~ 11:00) sponsored by Christ Church Anglican. The start of 10 km stage is Milestone I at Innsbrucker Platz. It continues down Highway 1 past the windmill to Milestone II just after Zehlendorfer Eiche. Here we leave the milestones going up to Mexikoplatz by way of Argentinische Allee.

Second Stage (11:00 ~ 12:30) sponsored by International Baptist Church Berlin. The start of this 10 km stage is Mexikoplatz and goes up to the section of the Wall at Waldsee. Here we turn down to Steinstücken, its section of the Wall and the helicopter playground. This stage ends at Griebnitzsee S-Bahnhof (outside the AB zone).

Third stage (12:30 ~ 2:00) The start of this 10 km stage is Griebnitzsee S-Bahnhof and goes back along Königsweg leaving it to Malchower Weg, ending the official tour at S-Bahnhof Zehlendorf.

FYI: Within the AB zone, BVG tickets for bicycles cost 2,10 euros, one-way. Bring your own bicycle, sunscreen, water, and food. Got questions? Inbox message us at

A Modern Psalm of Lament (by Anonymous)

 LORD, You have chosen me since before the beginning of time.
 You have watched me stumble and cause others to stumble.
 You were patient when I acted as to arouse your anger.
 So much contempt for you through my depravity I showed.
 Yet, You, my Sovereign God, are faithful and kind.
 Even though, since before the foundation of the earth, you knew my sins,
 You chose to adopt me as a son, to inherit your Kingdom. 
 Heavenly Father, I know you love me so,
 but my heart is always so full of doubt and uncertainty.
 Why, LORD, do I still fail to obey your just Commandments?
 Haven't you written your Law into the hearts of all men?
 Or did you not, in your endless compassion, allow me to gaze at the perfection of your Glory?
 Yet, I still disobey and despair. 
 My Creator, my Rock, my Redeemer, why do I still have to crawl through the mud?
 As you have sent your only Son, a perfect blameless sacrifice,
 I was ransomed from my grievous sins, bought with the price of the cross.
 Yet, I still must confess: my heart loves myself more than it loves You, my God.
 Forgive me, Father, but I must ask:
 Why do I still have to be such a stiff-necked beast?
 Can't your unfathomable power rectify this wicked heart of mine, once and for all? 
 Yesterday, I suffered, for I had no hope.
 I looked into the abyss and walked towards it,
 for I knew that's where I belonged.
 Still, somehow I hoped and longed for something better
 Though I should indeed be laid forgotten in a shallow grave,
 this relentless voice persuaded me to hope for Love, Justice and Truth,
 thus I wondered and prayed that they would reveal themselves to me. 
 You, The God of Abraham and Israel, looked at me with favor,
 You chose me, spoke to me and washed my iniquity away.
 You clothed me with fine clothing and even sent your Spirit of Wisdom,
 but now my suffering is greater than ever before.
 Through your Grace my soul is healed,
 yet my accursed flesh still yearns for sin,
 it longs for rebelliousness, forgetfulness and ungratefulness. 
 I've been granted too much already, I feel ashamed to ask for more.
 Even so, I beg you LORD: have mercy on me yet again! Bless me!
 Burn away the unyielding corruption of my heart,
 through the radiance of your Eternal Glory!
 Excise my wretchedness and pain through your Might!
 Let my soul rest on the blessed promise of resurrection,
 so that all may hear me sing in joy and bless Your Holy Name!
 In the name of Jesus Christ,

This Week’s Intercessory Prayer Requests (26. April 2021)

Church = Pray for divinely-inspired nominations of new church leaders and deacons, pray for a fellowship of Christians ready to give their active support to our resident church planters (Lian & Elli) and IBCB’s new Daughter Church planters, Taylor and Lydia.

Pastor = We thank God for Pastor Scott. We ask that he be blessed with patience toward himself and others, to treat everyone with love and respect, and to interact positively with difficult people. 

Leaders & Deacons = Pray for Samuel & Priscillia (we praise them for their good leadership), bless them with wisdom, grace, spiritual fortitude, and many faithful co-workers in ministry.

Ministry Team = Pray for our IBCB Video Team. We’re thankful for the leadership of Earl and Amos. Bless them with positive new ideas and skills in managing advanced media technology for God’s glory.

Small Group = Pray for our Friday night couples groups meeting with Davis and with Mufid. May each group and member discover by Your divine grace the keys to intimate Christian partnership. 

Missions = Pray for John Matar – our church planting partner in Palestine – as he ministers in the difficult and challenging circumstances of life in the West Bank during a time of unrest.

World = Pray for India, suddenly hard hit by the covid pandemic and plagued by shortages of medicine, hospital beds, and oxygen. Relieve the worry of each waiting patient, of each family struck by infection. We join with the entire world of Baptist churches and others who devote their time, their hearts, and prayer to the suffering people of Myanmar this weekend of May 1.

Appointing Leaders and Deacons

NOTE: Read the information below and nominate those you would like for us to consider as leaders or deacons in IBCB. Send your nominations to leaders(AT)ibcberlin(dot)org or deacons(AT)ibcberlin(dot)org.

The Bible speaks of two types of biblical officers that are to serve the church: leaders (pastors/elders/overseers) and deacons. The role of the leaders is to provide spiritual oversight and strategic initiative. The role of the deacons is to provide pastoral care and practical ministry.

At IBCB, we appoint leaders to serve on our Leaders Council and deacons to serve on our Deacon Council to help direct and manage our life and ministry as a church. The process begins with your nominations, so, prayerfully review the procedure, eligibility, and responsibilities below and make your nominations. Our procedure for doing so is as follows:

  • The pastor initiates the process by opening nominations for leaders and deacons
  • The church nominates potential candidates for leaders and deacons
  • Those nominated are interviewed by the leaders and deacons to determine availability and eligibility (see below)
  • The leaders and deacons will identify potential candidates from those nominated and recommend them to the Ministry Council
  • The Ministry Council will consider the potential candidates and identify those to be recommended to the church as leaders and deacons
  • The Church (members) will consider the recommendations and vote (75%) on those who will serve as leaders and deacons


Currently, our Leaders Council consists of Scott Corwin, Samuel Kaninda, and Jeff Magiera (inactive). We will review our current leaders’ ministry and recommend leaders to the church. 

Eligibility – According to our by-laws “the candidate must exhibit Christian character, have demonstrated faithful and active ministry as a deacon*, and meet the following scriptural qualifications of an overseer (1 Timothy 3:1-7)” 

*Names of current deacons and former deacons who are eligible for consideration – men and women:  Kenneth Aliyu, Lucas Ebert, Stefie Ebert, David Look, Assoum Balbasse, Priscillia Kaninda, Karen Kirner, Ronan Moris, Kasub Wibawa

Responsibilities – The Leaders Council of the church is responsible for the spiritual oversight and strategic initiative of the church.  The Leaders Council works under the direction of and in harmony with the Pastor who guides and assists the Leaders Council in their shared responsibility of the pastoral leadership of the church with a special focus on ministries of guiding, teaching, and protecting the church.

The Leaders Council shall meet at least monthly to pray about and plan for the overall supervision, teaching, protection, management, and care of people within the congregation.  The Leaders Council is made up of the Lead Pastor, Pastoral Staff, and any additional members as selected by the church to maintain a minimum of three members.  Should the number of members fall below the minimum of three, the remaining members of the Leaders Council shall consult with the Deacons Council in the accomplishment of its responsibility until the church selects qualified members to fill out the Leadership Council.

Deacons – We will review our current deacons’ ministry and recommend deacons to the church.

Eligibility – According to our bylaws “the candidate must exhibit Christian character, demonstrate faithful and active ministry in the church, and meet the following scriptural qualifications of deacon (1 Timothy 3:8-13)”

Responsibilities — The Deacons Council of the church is responsible for the pastoral care and practical needs of the church.  The Deacons Council works under the direction of and in harmony with the Pastor who guides and assists them in fulfilling their shared responsibility of the pastoral ministry of the church with a special focus on ministries of care, benevolence, and support.

The Deacons Council shall meet at least monthly to pray about and plan for the people-serving and people-caring ministries of the church.  The Deacons Council is made up of church-selected deacons and should maintain a number of qualified members sufficient to accomplish the ministry entrusted to them by the church.