The following finance forms are designed to conform to IBCB’s financial policies and procedures (click here).  Please, complete the appropriate forms and place them in the Treasurer’s box in the foyer before the last Sunday of the month.

Reimbursement Request Form — Use when you have a receipt and are asking for your money back

Payment Request Form — For use when you are asking the church to make direct payment of an invoice

Purchase Request Form — Use when you are asking the church office to make the purchase on your behalf

Cash Advance Form — Use when you are receiving money in advance of a purchase

Restaurant/Hospitality Form — Use anytime you provide food/meal

Cash Payment Receipt — Use anytime you give cash to anyone (e.g. child care, benevolence, etc.)

Benevolence Form — For deacon use


IBCB Constitution (22_2_2009)

Ministry Report Form — See below

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  1. David

    The Benevolence form and the PAyment Request form are currently not accessible in the forms database. Is there an alternative?


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