HOST Training

What is a HOST?  A small group HOST is anyone who …

H — has a HEART for others

O — is willing to OPEN a place for meeting (e.g. home, office, cafe, etc.)

S — can SERVE a simple snack

T — able to TURN ON a video (e.g. DVD, online, etc.)

As you can see, almost ANYONE can be a small group HOST!  The expectations are very basic:  commit to Jesus Christ and to growing to be more like him, commit to IBCB and our small group ministry, and commit to learn and serve!  That’s it!

If you have an interest in serving as an IBCB Small Group HOST, contact Scott Corwin to find out how to get started then check out the following online video resources from our like-minded friends at other churches to help you on the journey of becoming a healthy, balanced HOST of a healthy, balanced small group.

Intro to Being a HOST (click here)  — Steve Gladen, Pastor of Small Groups Ministry (Saddleback)

What is a HOST?  Expectations?  (click here) — Ben Reed, Small Group Pastor (Saddleback)

Small Group HOST Journey (click here) — Tom Kang, Men’s Discipleship Pastor (Saddleback)

Small Group Guidelines (click here) — Steve Gladen, Pastor of Small Groups Ministry (Saddleback)

For more resources to help you as a Small Group HOST — training and curriculum:,

Discovery Bible Study (Obedience Based Discipleship)

Download this guide to the “Discovery Bible Study” that you can use with ANY passage of Scripture to help “make disciples.”  The emphasis is on …

1)  The Text — keep your conversation focused on the content of the text of the passage being studied

2)  Obedience — making disciples is NOT about information but the transformation that God works into our lives through our obedience

3)  Sharing — making disciples is NOT only about ourselves, it is also about others; share the gospel, the truths learned, the commitments made

Discovery Bible Study (Obedience Based Discipleship)

Lesson Maker Interactive Bible Studies

James (Questions)

James 1.1-18

James 1.19-27

James 2.1-13

James 2.14-26

James 3.1-12

James 3.13-18

James 4.1-12

James 4.13-17

Discipleship Series

The Closeness of Discipleship, 1 John 4:7-21 (Spiritual Formation)

The Closet of Discipleship, Deut. 10:1-22 (Spiritual Formation)

The Call of Discipleship, Mat. 28:16-20 (Spiritual Formation)

The Cost of Discipleship, Luke 14:25-35 (Spiritual Formation)

Elijah Stories

1 Kings 19

1 Kings 18

1 Kings 17

Core Virtues

Joy, John 15:1-17

Hope, 1 Peter 1:1-12

Peace, Romans 5:1-11

Patience, Col. 1:1-14

Self Control, Titus 2:1-15

Faithfulness, James 5:13-20

Gentleness, Philippians 4:2-9

Kindness/Goodness, 1 Thess. 5:12-28

Love, 1 John 4:7-21

Humility, Eph. 5:1-21

Core Practices

Giving Away My Money, 2 Cor. 8:1-15

Small Group Support

The First Meeting  (Training)

Praying 4 You (P4U) Prayer Evangelism Guide (Evangelism)

I-3 (I-Cubed) Evangelism (Evangelism)

The Facts of Salvation (Evangelism)

The Bridge Illustration (Evangelism) Classic Navigator Gospel Presentation

Praying for Our Church (IBCB Prayer Guide)

Praying for Our Pastor (Prayer Guide)

Small Group Forms

Small Group Agreement and Arrangements

Small Group Roster

Small Group Prayer Journal

Small Group Ministry Report

SERVICE Group Tips and Help

Tips for Healthy Small Group Meeting

Practical Solutions to Common Small Group Problems

Small Groups and Childcare

What Do We Want to Study Next

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