IBC Berlin Ukrainian Refugee Relief (Romania)

Our IBC Berlin church family has made a financial contribution to Ukrainian refugee relief through a sister Baptist church in Romania, the church of Andrei Dinu’s father.

Church members are crossing the border in their personal
cars to shuttle Ukrainians fleeing the violence out of the country.
Refugees are being housed in the church …
…and in personal homes.
The church and families are providing meals.

You too can contribute directly using the bank information below. Your donation will help the church provide transportation for refugees out of Ukraine, provide shelter and food, and support them as they transit to a more permanent shelter to escape the violence.

Biserica Crestina Baptista “Betel”, Tulcea
Str. Traian nr. 45/53, Tulcea, 820130
Tel/Fax: 0240.532510
E-mail: betel@betel-tulcea.ro
Cont BCR Tulcea:
RO55 RNCB 0256 0433 4868 0001

Please mention for Ukraine refugees and from IBC Berlin

Your generous contribution will make a practical difference in the lives of people for the sake of Christ. Thank you for being a part of God’s Kingdom work on behalf of those in need.

Pray for peace in Ukraine.

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