IBC Church Planting Residency @ IBCB

We have been invited by the International Baptist Convention to host Suanlian Tonsing and his wife Elinor in a year-long Church Planting Residency in partnership with the International Baptist Convention.

Suanlian and Elinor would be assigned to IBC Berlin for a practical ministry apprenticeship in preparation for their anticipated church planting project to begin at the end of their residency. The couple would be supervised by Pastor Scott Corwin in spiritual formation, character development, competency in pastoral ministry, cross-cultural ministry, and cross-cultural marriage.

Funding for the residency placement would be shared by the IBC, IBCB, and the resident. IBCB will apply for a 10K€ residency grant, IBCB will provide 10K€ from the NELT (3%) Fund, and the resident (Suanlian) will provide the rest.

Watch this video explanation (click on the image).

Read more about the IBC Residency Program and the proposed Church Planting Residency here:

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