Leisure Bike Tour – Saturday 15. May

Are you looking to get out of the house, get some exercise, and enjoy some company? If so, then join Paul Williams along with friends from Christ Church Anglican and IBCB (weather permitting) for a church-sponsored bicycle tour this Saturday, May 15.

Feel free to join the tour at Stage 1 (Innsbrucker Platz at 9:30) or at Stage 2 (Griebnitzsee-S-Bahnhof at 11:00), and, of course, you may leave the tour at any time.

Here are some details, a link to a map, and some helpful information:

First Stage (9:30 ~ 11:00) sponsored by Christ Church Anglican. The start of 10 km stage is Milestone I at Innsbrucker Platz. It continues down Highway 1 past the windmill to Milestone II just after Zehlendorfer Eiche. Here we leave the milestones going up to Mexikoplatz by way of Argentinische Allee.

Second Stage (11:00 ~ 12:30) sponsored by International Baptist Church Berlin. The start of this 10 km stage is Mexikoplatz and goes up to the section of the Wall at Waldsee. Here we turn down to Steinstücken, its section of the Wall and the helicopter playground. This stage ends at Griebnitzsee S-Bahnhof (outside the AB zone).

Third stage (12:30 ~ 2:00) The start of this 10 km stage is Griebnitzsee S-Bahnhof and goes back along Königsweg leaving it to Malchower Weg, ending the official tour at S-Bahnhof Zehlendorf.

FYI: Within the AB zone, BVG tickets for bicycles cost 2,10 euros, one-way. Bring your own bicycle, sunscreen, water, and food. Got questions? Inbox message us at https://www.facebook.com/IBCBerlin

2 thoughts on “Leisure Bike Tour – Saturday 15. May

  1. Libor Simek

    Dears, I read about your offer of a bicycle tour, sponsored by two churches. While you call it sponsored by church entities you require that a person brings his own bicycle, pays for the ticket, brings his or her food and water, so what do you actually sponsor? Talking between people? No wonder that the USA looks like it looks like with false spiritual promises and where all people have to be sponsoring themselves and nobody elses. If you are to be reproducing churches like these no wonder that you won’t reproduce anything as you have no potential to be fruitful. James 2:15-17 Cheers, Libor

    1. Scott Post author

      Judge not lest you be judged! You make many false accusations based upon your lack of information. You know nothing about the character of our life together and our commitment to serving others in need. James 2:12-13


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