Proposed Budget 2022 (Summary)

Our Finance Team and Ministry Council have been hard at work preparing our budget for 2022 based upon what we believe God is calling us to do as a church. Prayerfully review the proposed budget summary below to see the “bottom line big picture.” To see a detailed, line-by-line copy of our budget pick up one onsite on Sunday or request a copy by contacting our church office.

Look over the budget and submit any questions or comments you may have to our Finance Team, Leaders Council, or Ministry Council. Be prepared to participate in our All Church Family Meeting on Sunday 2. January 2022 after worship where we will discuss our budget and vote on our budget for the upcoming year.

As you look at the budget, please, note two key figures: BASELINE BUDGET and TOTAL BUDGET. The BASELINE BUDGET includes all of our regular, ongoing ministry expenses including our personnel (i.e. pastor and secretary) and administrative costs. The TOTAL BUDGET includes our BASELINE BUDGET plus all of our MISSIONARY EXPENSES, that is the salary and employer costs for our missionary partners:

  • Suanlian Tonsing – Church Planting Resident and New Hive Pastor
  • Taylor and Lydia Whitley – Church Planters
  • Jen Barry – International Fellowship of Evangelical Students Ministry

All of the MISSIONARY EXPENSES are designated funds covered by the fund-raising efforts of the missionaries and are not included in our baseline budget which is funded by our regular tithes and offerings. So, in summary:

  • BASELINE BUDGET – regular ministries, staff, and administration funded by our tithes and offerings
  • MISSIONARY EXPENSES – self-funded by missionaries through designated gifts

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