Three Ways You Can Connect w/ People @ IBCB

Call to Action: Take a step toward getting connected!

One of the things that’s true about International Baptist Church Berlin: we are a friendly church! Guests always give us high marks for friendliness. Our Connect Point, Hosts, and people do a great job of welcoming worshippers.

However, being a friendly church doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to make friends. In fact, getting connected to others in meaningful, close relationships takes initiative and effort. While we want to make that as easy as possible, it still requires that you take steps to “get connected.” Here are three ways you can connect w/ people @ IBCB.

Stay for Coffee Time/Newcomers Brunch

When worship is over, don’t rush out. Take your time. Grab a cup of coffee and introduce yourself to someone. Stop by the Connect Point and meet one of our hosts. If you have kids, talk to the other parents and the volunteers. They aren’t too busy to talk with you.

Check out our bulletin/calendar to sign up and show up for our Newcomers Brunch. It’s a one-hour opportunity to get to know our church and other newcomers. We’ll have a chance to get to know you and let you know how you can take the next step to get connected like…

Join a Small Group

One of the best ways to “get connected” is to join a small group. It’s impossible to know everyone in our church; it’s tough to connect on a deeper level with people on Sunday. So, we have small groups that meet in homes throughout the week. You can try out an existing group, participate in our semi-annual Small Group Connect, or start your own small group.

Join a Ministry Team

There’s a place for you to make a difference and to get to know people at the same time. Join one of our many ministry teams. No matter what your stage in life you can get connected to a group of people that volunteer their time for a purpose. For example, the Hosts that welcome people to worship get to know a lot of people but also get to know one another on their team.

These are just three ways you can get to know people @ IBCB, but you have to take the first step. Click the following link and indicate your interest in joining a small group or a ministry team. We’ll have a leader get in touch with you. CLICK HERE

At IBCB we connect people to Jesus, one another, and God’s purpose in the world. Take a step toward “getting connected” and we’ll help you get connected to others.

Your Pastor,

Scott Corwin

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