Holiness! Men’s Retreat

Twelve IBCB men went overnight to “Wort des Lebens” on the Köriser See to enjoy Bible study, outdoor activities, discussion, and fun.  Scott Corwin led three sessions on “Personal Holiness in Times of Temptation” as we looked at what the Scripture says about living holy lives especially in the face of temptation.  Lively discussion times followed as we dealt with the “nitty-gritty” of what it means to live a holy life and how to live it in our every day lives.

It wasn’t all Bible study and discussion!  We played a spirited game of indoor crab football, and got into capture-the-flag as well as “field volleyball” in the snow outdoors.  We learned a lot about each other sharing meals, rooming together, and talking informally.

In the end we concluded:  men need the camaraderie and accountability of other men in order to be all that God intends us to become.  We’ve already got plans for our next men’s retreat, and decided that the whole church needs to get in on the fellowship of an all-church retreat sometime in the not too distant future.

[Pictured above L to R: Günter Springer, Bryan Trueschler, Scott Corwin, Mark Morton, Jeff Magiera, Mathias Lehmann, Thorsten John, Max Duong Phu, Benjamin Sundemeier, Adam Knight, Winfried Härtel, and Klaus Ziegler]

Want to follow up on the retreat theme?  Then check out these Bible readings and devotional thoughts @ “Men of Integrity” for this week’s “Escape the Trap of Temptation” by clicking here.

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