Youth Mission Project Berlin — How You Can Help!


This Saturday a team of 75 teenagers and youth leaders will arrive in Berlin for a week of partnership evangelism.  IBC Berlin will host 20 teenagers and youth leaders to…

  • Connect with English classes in local public schools
  • Support the work of the Stadtmission by organizing their donations
  • Alexanderplatz street evangelism (Monday and Thursday)
  • Youth center outreach in Oranienburg
  • Serve the City project in Prenzlauer Berg
  • Much more…

Here’s how you can help:

1. Encourage our IBC Berlin teenagers to attend the youth events on:

  • Saturday–meet at IBC Berlin @ 17:30 and go to Crossway for International Talent Show
  • Sunday–Youth Group Pizza, Fun and Games (after worship)
  • Thursday–Youth Rally @ IBC Berlin (18:00 h – 21:00 h) w/ ALL students and churches

2. Thursday Night International Pot Luck — We will be hosting over 100 students for the Thursday youth rally and will be providing food for their event.  We need everyone who is willing to provide a simple dish that we can serve to the young people.  [You can pick up your dish on Sunday.]

3. Thursday Night Sleep Over — The youth team from the States will be leaving for the airport on Friday morning at 4:00 h!  So, they will need sleeping bags or blankets to use for sleeping at the church building.  Bring a blanket or sleeping bag — with your name written on it — to church on Sunday or on Thursday evening.  [You can pick up your sleeping bag or blanket on Sunday.]

Got questions?  Contact the church office:  admin(at)ibcberlin(dot)org.

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