Experiencing God @ Work & Play

Disciple-making begins when we give ourselves to God’s purpose in
world … where we work and play. Each and everyone of us has the God-given responsibility of sharing the gospel with family members, friendsco-workers, and neighbors.  If we want to know God by experience, then we will have to learn to lovingly obey him by sharing our faith with the non-believers in our circles of influence.
But let’s be honest, not everyone is ready for us to present to them the truths of the gospel.  Most non-believers are still on their way to accepting Jesus…and that’s where sharing your faith becomes more than just “Steps to Peace with God” or “The Four Spiritual Laws.”  It becomes a matter of becoming a “missionary” — or living missionally — by investing in your relationships, inviting them to share life with you, andintroducing them to spiritual matters.
Here’s a very simple yet helpful way to think about living as a missionary: BLESS!
Begin with Prayer — pray that God will give you opportunities to build genuine friendships with non-believers that will lead people to receiving Christ
Listen to People — take the time to learn what’s really important to your friends by listening not only to their words but also their hearts
Eat with People — something mystical happens when you take time to share a meal with people and your connection is deepened
Serve People — when you discover people’s needs serve them in prayer and practical ways both of which can be powerful expressions and experiences of God’s love
Share Your Spiritual Experiences with People — let people know how Jesus has made a difference in your life by helping you with your problems and giving you a meaningful life
When you live as a missionary and BLESS people in this way, they will begin to ask you questions about your life (1 Peter 3:15) and you will have an opportunity to share the facts of salvation with them.
Experiencing God @ work and play begins with our commitment to be a BLESSing to the non-believers in our lives.  We get to know God through experience…his presence and power in and through our lives…when we obey him in love.
May God use YOU to be a BLESSing to others!

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