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26082009309Home for Christmas” … that was our theme for last night’s Christmas Coffee House, and that what it was!  Our children did a wonderful job playing and singing.  Our Praise Team and others did a great job performing and leading.  Special thanks to Lucas Ebert (Praise Team Leader) and his team for making this year’s Coffee House a special event.
Home for Christmas” … that will be my theme for the next three weeks.  Laurie and I will travel to the States to spend Christmas with my mom along with my sisters and their families.  We look forward to sharing this special season together for the first time in five years.
Of course, my mind and heart are never far from my IBCB family.  I’ll be praying for you and those who will continue overseeing our family during my vacation during the holidays — the leaders (Klaus and Jeff) and our deacons (MarkLucas,FaithPedro, & Kasub).  I’m happy to have Juergen and Mark filling the pulpit during my absence.  Give them the same encouraging support that you give me on Sundays.
I’ll look forward to returning home to IBCB for 2014 — an important year in the life of our church family.  It’s a year where we sense God wanting to do something big in and through us during this year of “2nds” — pastor, service, & church.  Only God can accomplish this God-sized calling for our church.
Quite frankly, I’m praying that God will increase my faith because I know that apart from his intervention we are not able to accomplish what we believe God is asking us to do.  However, I know that with God all things are possible when we place our trust in him and follow his lead.  So, for the first 21 days of 2014, we will again set aside the “first fruits” of the year to dedicate ourselves to the Lord and to renew our faith in him in an all-church emphasis — “21 Days of Experiencing God.”
Have a blessed Christmas season and a New Year of God’s peace.  Get ready for an exciting year of God-sized challenges as we put God to the test and as we stretch our faith.

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  1. Wolfgang Stedtnitz

    Thanks for all the work you put into IBC last year, Scott. A happy Christmas to you and yours (I had wanted to say Merry Christmas to Laurie personally, too, but did not see her last night amongst all the people.) Since I have a teaching appointment tonight, I probably won’t be able to make it for the Men’s Group, so “Frohe Weihmachen” now to the three of you and “Auf Wiedersehen” in 2014. Wolfgang and the Stedtnitz clan.


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